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Presentation and Publications
by John G. Zhao - Copyrights

Riskcore Company Introduction and Business Profile
For Information and References, January 2022, Calgary, AB

Managing Mega Capital Projects - Behind Façade (PMI)
PMI-SAC Annual Conference Symposium, November 2019, Calgary, AB

TMEP Using Risk Assessment Tool to Aid Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
ASCE Conference, August 2021, Calgary, AB

Innovative Cost Forecasting Technique - Beyond Cost Estimate (AACE)
AACE Chinook Dinner Meeting, November 2021, Calgary, AB

Virtual Seminar - Scientifically derive Project Contingency (CIQS)
CIQS National Conference, November 2020, Canada

Determining Contingencies for Megaprojects with @RISK (Palisade)
Palisade Risk Conference – Nashville, TN, USA, Nov. 2017

Seminar Conference - Project Professionals and Project Failures (PMI)
PMI SAC Conference, November 2019, Calgary, AB

Seminar Conference - How to Calculate "Management Reserve Fund" (i-PCI)
Project Controls Community Seminar, April 2017, Calgary, AB

Understanding and Handling Residual Risks - The marriage of science and psychology (SPE)

SPE ATCE, 2011, Denver, Colorado, USA

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