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Qualitative Risk Assessment

Brainstorming technique for risk identification is one of the most commonly used methods and it applies to traditional settings where SMEs are physically present at a conference room to debate about the risks and their causes. I have facilitated over 200 risk workshops in that way, both of qualitative and quantitative in nature, but when a recent request came asking me to facilitate a multi-disciplinary risk workshop, involving nearly 40 people in different locations with different time zones, via the virtual means of MS Teams, I then hesitated.

This risk workshop is challenging, not only different types of info with various formats need to be shared with attendees but identified risks have to be visible to everyone for "debates" simultaneously. New technology however indeed helped and the seven-hour long workshop went very well with coffee and lunch breaks that just happened in attendees' own homes (with their family members), thanks to the impact of pandemic.

Innovative approaches, thanks to advanced and available technological breakthroughs, have made project management easier, more efficient and productive

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