Introduction of the Riskcore Ltd.

Riskcore Ltd. is an Alberta registered consulting firm working with partners of top talents and expertise in the capital investment world, not only in oil & gas industry but also mining, nuclear, and infrastructures projects.
The company provides project management, estimating, project controls and project risk analysis services to contractors, EPC firms and owner companies, the focused expertise areas include:

Project Risk Workshop facilitation to generate initial Risk Register including procedure write-up, risk matrix build-up and training.

Class 3 Cost Estimate Quantitative Risk Analysis and modeling for project contingency, escalation and management reserve,

Project Life-cycle Phase Gate System & Procedures for maturity and readiness assessment using the best practices of Project Risk Management framework.

Riskcore Ltd. differs from the other consulting firms in many ways. The business owner, John Zhao, has 30 years experiences in the construction industry with past 15 years focusing on maturing project risk management (PRM) practices for owner companies. He is one of recognized authorities in estimate contingency management, and one of the early pioneers in developing and applying quantitative risk simulation models for cost estimates.

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